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Gather the main sustainable tourism certifying entities, national and international, in order to have a glance over the Algarve’s potential, focusing Natura 2000 Network area, to affirm itself as a social, economic and environmentally sustainable tourism destination.

Gather policy makers and specialists from the region for debates and joined-up thinking around a vision for the territory, based in a sustainable development.

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Reception of participants
Opening the Cycle of Debate
José Gonçalves
Município de Aljezur - President
Aura Fraga
Associação Vicentina - Chair, Board of Directors
The sustainability certifications as tools that create value for a tourism destination. Accreditation body for certification programmes
Which valorisation can a Biosphere certification create in the Brand Algarve?
Which is the impact of a Green Local Accommodation Network, in the Algarve?
Which value can the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism award of EUROPARC create in the Natural Parks and Natura 2000 of Algarve?
How to turn the Algarve into a reference of Accessible Tourism in Europe?
Presentation of success case – Geopark e Bandeira Azul
Sustainable Tourism
Official Opening of the Nature Tourism Biennale Algarve 19
Secretary of State for forestry and Rural Development
Eng. Miguel Freitas
Luigi Cabrini
GSTC - Chair, Board of Directors
Patrícia Araújo
CEO Biosphere Portugal
Fátima Vieira
Green key - Nacional Program Coordinator
Paulo Castro
Europarc - Council Member
Ana Garcia
Accessible Portugal - Chairman, Board of Directors
Catarina Gonçalves
ABAE - National Program Operator
António Carlos Duarte
Geoparque Arouca - Executive Coordinator
Sérgio Guerreiro
Turism of Portugal - Director, Knowledge Management

Closing of the Cycle of Debates
Message from the Secretary of State Drª Ana Mendes Godinho
Nuno Aires
Comunica.me - Manager
Mário Antunes
Antena 1 - Journalist
Elisabete Rodrigues
Sul Informação - Editorial Director
João Tiago
SIC Tv Reporter
Round Table
José GonçalvesMunicípio de Aljezur - President
Aura Fraga
Chair, Board of Directors
José Gonçalves
Município de Aljezur - President
Leonor Picão
Turism of Portugal - Direction Offer Valuation
Daniel do Adro
AIHSA - Vice-President
Elidérico Viegas
AHETA - Chairman
Alberto Mota Borges
Aeroporto de Faro - Airport Manager
Carlos Baía
Município de Faro - Municipal Councilor
João Portugal
Project Manager, Department of Development and Innovation
João Cavaleiro Ferreira
Member of the Executive Committee of Tourism of Alentejo and Ribatejo, ERT
Cláudia Ruivinho
RTA - Superior Technique of the Planning Area
António Pina
Município de Olhão - President
Adelino Soares
Município de Vila do Bispo - President
Filomena Sintra
Município de Castro Marim - Vice-President
Valentina Calixto
ICNF - Director of the Department of Nature Conservation and Forests of Algarve
João Carlos Pinho
ADRIMAG - GAL Coordinator
Mário Fernandes
lnfraestruturas de Portugal - Director of Strategic Planning
Paulo Reis
InfraMoura - Director of the Department of Urban Management
Ester Rosa
Associação Salvador - Coordinator of the Project Management Area
Vanda Pinto
Disabled Divers International - Responsible for Marketing & Communication
Aura Fraga
Associação Vicentina - Chair, Board of Directors
Fátima Catarina
RTA - Vice-president
Paulo Águas
University of the Algarve - University Rector
Pedro Valadas Monteiro
Direção Regional de Agricultura e Pescas do Algarve - Regional Director
Francisco Serra
CCDR Algarve - Chairman
Jorge Botelho
AMAL - Chair, Board of Directors
José Gonçalves
Município de Aljezur - President