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Detalhes do evento

  • Start Date 03/01/2018
  • End Time 05:00 PM
  • Location Espaço A
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Fatima Vieira

Fátima Vieira

Green Key

Fátima Vieira

Green Key

Subject area: Qualification, Management, Certification

Topic: Certification

Date and schedule: 24/02/19 | 14h15 – 15h45

Workshop objectives: General Objectives: Foster Environmental and Sustainable Development practices in the accommodation sector; Contribute to a better framework of the Green Key programme requirements. The contribution of a unity in the territory’s framing; Motivate for the importance of Sustainable Architecture.

Contents to be covered: Raise awareness of the benefits which can be obtained in the implementation of energy efficiency improvements. Raise awareness of the advantages of introducing EDS activities. Raise awareness for the importance of reducing water; Emphasize the contribution of a unity in the territory’s framing;

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