Rita Rodrigues

Rita Rodrigues has a degree in “Teatro do Gesto” at the school “Estudis de Teatre”, in Barcelona. She has a post-graduation in Theatre Studies, Faculty of Arts. She has participated in several theatre and dance training courses, among them the “Dance in the Community”, at Forum Dance. Since 1998 she has worked as an actress/performer with several theatre directors/creators. She created the shows “Missão Lupa”,”Bicho da Malha” and “Caracol”.
Currently, she is co creator and performer of the show “Sótão, S.A.”. She taught theatre to children and adults and, in the past 5 years, she has been working as theatre director with Portimão’s senior theatre group (O GRUPO). In 2017, she was movement trainer in the Artistic Techniques Workshop adjusted to tourism, at Tourism Schools of Portugal, in Faro and Portimão.



Workshop:  Artistic Techniques applied to Tourism