Fernando Rodrigues de Almeida

ICNF – Institute for Nature Conservation and Forests

Born in 1960, in Lisbon, with a degree in Geography at the Clássica University, in the same city, he published ”The Eucalyptus Campaign” with the Centre for Geographical Studies, from the same university. In the 80’s, he created, together with other environmentalists, the association Quercus, performing managing functions for two years. In the 90’s he moves to Odemira and starts teaching at the town’s secondary school while preparing his research and thought towards culture and language. He publishes “Histórias ao Serão”, “O outro Lado da História” and “A Origem da Língua Portuguesa”.
Currently, besides working at the School Grouping of Odemira, he also works at ICNF.


Workshop: Characterization of the Nature Park of Alentejo’s Southwest and Costa Vicentina