18 Feb

Aljezur: Nature Tourism Biennial (BTN) challenges the Algarve

evento BTN

Sustainability is the main topic of the challenge which the Nature Tourism Biennial (BTN’19), from the 22nd to the 24th February, in Aljezur, will launch to the Algarve, as reflection motto for the development of this territory, in the coming years.
In a meeting that aims to gather tourism professionals, entrepreneurs, public decision-makers, certifying entities and researchers around the Tourism sector, in the main tourism region of the country, the objective is to strongly contribute for this topic, placing it in the regional’s development agenda. Vicentina – Association for the Southwest Development, the event’s promoter, has no doubts that “the predator effect on natural, heritage, human and identity resources which tourism industry (masses) can cause and consequently the importance of strategic planning and implementation of measures for sustainability”.
After the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) had dedicated the year 2017 to Sustainability – given that in 2030, 1,8 billion of tourists will cross borders – the BTN’19 inspires on that global and regional concern and wants to challenge the Algarve «to look at a more sustainable future with particular focus on low density territories and protected areas, where a tourism impact, which wasn’t carefully planned, can cause irreparable damages to the region.
That way, the event has already confirmed a group of speakers related to main certification tools and good practice guidelines, conceived by teams dedicated to sustainable development, including Luigi Cabrini from the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, Fátima Vieira, Green Key’s national coordinator, Paulo Castro from European Charter for Sustainable Tourism Europarc, Ana Garcia, chief executive of Accessible Portugal and Patrícia Araújo, CEO of Biosphere Portugal. The debates will also be prepared through a series of round tables, where the regional and national participants will combine knowledge and contribute to a reflection around the challenges of sustainability.
BTN’19 will also have a strong component of knowledge related to the region’s inherent value. Natural and Cultural Heritage, Nature Tourism Activities, Qualification, Management and Certification are the topic of more than 50 Knowledge Workshops available for all those who work for tourism companies or businesses related to the sector, students looking for more specific knowledge or entrepreneurs.
The workshops will be guided by mentors from several institutions, from the University of the Algarve to the Tourism of Portugal and entities such as Rota Vicentina, Almargem or entrepreneurs related to the region’s tourism dynamics.
The BTN´19 space, at Aljezur’s Multiusos (multipurpose building), will have three more areas including an exhibit area focused on business solutions around sustainability, a business area B2B supported by Algarve’s Commission for Coordination and Regional’s Development (CCDR) – Enterprise Europe Network and a entertaining area where it will take place a folk festival where the challenge of this event will not be forgotten.
The event’s visual appearance is still in secret but «aims to be innovative and according to the challenge issued by the organization».
BTN’19 is only possible due to the co-financing of CRESC Algarve and Aljezur’s Municipality and has partnerships with Algarve’s Tourism Board, Association In Loco and Association Terras do Baixo Guadiana, among others.


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