Valter Matias


Valter Manuel Pereira Matias, 38 years old, was born in Odeleite. With a degree in Civil Engineering and a post-graduation degree in Regional Administration and Development, he was chief executive of Association Odiana from 2011 to 2018. Currently he is senior officer at Odiana, where, since 2004, has participated in the development and implementation of the walking trails’ network of Lower Guadiana, leading to the implementation of the Long Distance Trail of Guadiana (GR15).
Besides the walking trails’ network, he also participated in the development and production of several territory guides, built upon several topics, from heritage, ornithology, nature tourism, gastronomy and ethnography.o desenvolvimento e produção de vários guias do território, assentes em várias temáticas, desde património, ornitologia, turismo de natureza, gastronomia e etnografia.


Workshop: Long Distance Trail of Guadiana GR15