Pedro Pedrosa

A2Z Adventures

With a degree in Engineering and Master degree in Land Use Planning and Environmental Planning, he worked at INATEL, Ydreams and was founding partner of several companies related to sport and nature tourism. Currently, at Ytravel which is in the market with the brands Portugal A2Z Walking & Biking (EAT and AVT), A2Z Consulting (nature tourism consultancy) and Bikotel (bike friendly hotels network), he has managing and consulting functions. He has professionally participated in several consulting projects specialized in cycle touring like Aldeias do Xisto and Aldeias Históricas from Portugal Network and more recently in Rota Vicentina. He moved to a house from Aldeias do Xisto, where he created a Bikotel Rural Tourism accommodation – Casas do Vale do Ninho.


Workshop: Cycle Touring Practical Workshop