Luís Azevedo Rodrigues

Centro Ciência Viva of Lagos

Luís Azevedo Rodrigues (Aveiro, 1971) is teacher of Biology and Geology, PhD in Dinosaur Paleobiology, evolution of sauropoda, at University Autónoma of Madrid.
He worked, for 8 years at Natural History Museum invited by Galopim de Carvalho. He studied collections of 18 world Museums and lived in New York, where he worked in the American Museum of Natural History. He has field work in Spain, Patagonia, Argentina and China and his interests are Science Communication and Education, Scientific Tourism and Geoheritage. He is editor of Geoscience Communication and Vice-leader of Informal Education for the European Project EuroScitizen, for the promotion of Scientific Literacy in Evolution. He has a post-graduation degree in Cultural Heritage Management, at Nova School of Business & Economics.
Since 2012, he is the executive director of Centro Ciência Viva of Lagos.



Workshop: Lagos’s Geological and Paleontological Heritage – promote and communicate