Delminda Moura

University of the Algarve

Delminda Moura is a Geologist who develops her scientific activity at the Marine and Environmental Research Centre (CIMA), University of the Algarve. Her main research topics are the coastal morphology, mainly the rocky coastlines and the evolution of coastal environments forced by the average sea level variations. It is around these topics, of which she is the responsible researcher, that her scientific publications and research projects are based. She is a teacher at the Faculty of Sciences and Technologies, University of the Algarve, where she is the leader of degree and master degree’s curricular units concerning geomorphology and marine morphodynamics. Currently, she is part of the team that manages the course Marine and Coastal Management. She has been active in the promotion of the Algarve’s geological heritage.



Workshop: Lagos’s Geological and Paleontological Heritage – promote and communicate